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 Digital Culture Center





Digital Culture Center was established in September of 2001 from “the Phase 1 Promoting Program of University Fundamental Education” with the funding of MOE to undertake the “Digitalized Project of Cultural Education”. Tasks of the Center are to integrate “Digitalized Cultural Course Innovation” and “Digital Culture Database”. The invited faculties were from literature, cultural, and information science departments, and promoted curriculums for Information and Cultural Mass Communication. The Center has also organized courses for Digitalized Literature, Cultural Anthropology, and History. In terms of database, the Center had established Sports and Leisure Culture, Taiwanese Literature, and various humanities databases. In addition, workshops such as E-learning Content Program, Teaching with Digital Media, Aboriginal People Television Expertise Training were conducted by the Center. Recently years, the Center’s project of Digital Opportunity Center (DOC) in Hualien contributes substantially to local digital equality and helps remote areas in eliminating digital divides.

In terms of education, the Center focuses on integrating teaching materials from Chinese Literature, English/American Literature, Taiwanese Literature, Anthropology, Leisure and Sports, and Information Engineering Departments, and also helping creative writing courses in the Department of Sinophone to connect digital media innovations as well as theories of cultural studies to produce brand new cultural E-courses. The students were therefore equipped with secondary skills, and the University has also progressed in environments of humanity and science study.